Sunday, May 27, 2012

Team all out for just 2 runs : Lowest inning score in 202 years

Cricket’s beauty is manifested in its manifold uncertainties; you never know what can happen till the last bowl is delivered. But, it is quite strange and surprising that a team of eleven players return to pavilion after scoring only 2 runs. This happened during the Under 19 Inter-District tournament in Manasa.

Though it was not a first class match, yet it holds importance as it comes under the BCCI’s scanner since it was held under the aegis of Punjab Cricket Association (PCA).

The magic spell by Manasa’s left-arm spinner Mandeep Singh jeopardized the Firozpur team as the entire squad departed after scoring only 2 runs.

Mandeep recorded his name in the book after he bagged double hat-trick in the game. He took 14 wickets in the match.

Earlier, Manasa scored 153 runs. In response, Firozpur team could manage to score only 2 runs in their first innings.

Nearly two centuries back during the 1810 English cricket season, William Ward had made his debut in first-class cricket and The Bs were dismissed for only 6 runs.

The Bs were dismissed for 6 in the 2nd innings of their match against All-England at Lord's Old Ground on 14 June: this remains the record for the lowest innings total in the first-class cricket. Whereas, Joginder Singh Rao was the first Indian cricketer to bag double hat-trick in the same match. During the 1963-64 tour, Joginder had claimed 6 consecutive wickets in the same inning.

57 Wickets in just 4 matches
Mandeep Singh got associated with Manasa District Association nearly 3 years ago. Last year, while playing for Manasa, he bagged 57 wickets in just 4 matches.

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