Sunday, March 22, 2009

Centre Of eGovernance Opens In Capital

A Centre of e-Governance (CeG) has come up in capital New Delhi to disseminate awareness about e-Governance initiatives in the country.

The CeG enhancement plan is a part of the “Awareness and Communication ” activity under NeGP and seeks to bring the achievements under NeGP under one umbrella for the information of citizens. The Centre will provide the visitor an opportunity to experience different e-services as well as digitally record his / her impressions of the CeG.

The CeG showcases applications, demonstrations and presentations that reflect the progress achieved in the implementation and usage of e-Governance. It covers successful and high impact e-Gov applications and content based on improved citizen service delivery, innovativeness, cost effectiveness and overall impact in fulfilling developmental objectives of the government. Also displayed are various social sector initiatives relating to health and education.Aesthetically designed with hi-tech display systems and visitor- friendly functionality with kiosks that offer demonstration of e-services to the cognoscenti as well as the curious citizen, the Ce-G represents the promise of making technology relevant to the ‘common man’.

Of the projected outlay of Rs 20,175 Crore for the proposed 27 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) under the National e-Governance Programme (NeGP), Rs 10,622 Crore has already been sanctioned for 16 MMPs.

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