Thursday, January 29, 2009

About ICBT- The International Cooperation and Bilateral Trade

The International Cooperation and Bilateral Trade (ICBT) division of Department of Information Technology has been set up to promote international cooperation in the emerging and frontier areas of information technology under bilateral, multilateral or regional framework. Such interaction provides an opportunity for sharing of knowledge and experience with countries, international bodies, academia, institutions for forging partnerships for mutual progress.

The government acts as facilitator, promoter and motivator with the objectives of:
*Creating a conducive environment for international cooperation and bilateral trade to help industries to cooperate with the industries of other countries

*Using resources and economic instruments in an effective, efficient, equitable and non-discriminatory manner at the local, national, regional and international levels

*Fostering, encouraging and promoting research and development in the application of information technology related facilities.

*Coordinating technical and policy issues with international bodies/institutions like UN, WSIS, World Bank, WTO etc. to safeguard India’s interest.

*Initiating joint projects like IT institutes, software parks, programmes for joint R&D and facilitating IT Advisers etc.

*Showcasing India’s ICT strength to the globe by organizing, sponsoring and participating trade fairs, symposiums, exhibitions

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